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Why Raw?

About Us

Raw Wildlife Encounters (RWE) is a leading eco travel agency and tour operator. We provide guests with life-changing travel experiences and unique wildlife encounters while catering for an exceptional quality and comfortable journey along the way. Raw small-group tours are lead by qualified wildlife professionals who take guests along roads less well-travelled and allow them truly incredible learning experiences with unique wildlife. Raw Wildlife Encounters fosters responsible tourism that benefits the local people, environment and wildlife in all our travel destinations through Raw Community and Conservation Programs. 

RWE Mission:

Raw Wildlife Encounters provides our clients with exclusive destinations and personal, life-changing travel experiences.

We foster responsible tourism that benefits local people and wildlife in all travel destinations.

Through our sound ethical principles where we aim to ignite a passion in our guests which leads them to becoming more environmentally conscience.

We dominate the eco-travel industry by providing the best industry technical skills and knowledge, quality travel arrangements and expertise that guests seek on their next getaway.

RWE Values:

  • Quality and Value – We provide a travel product which gives the best overall solution to the clients travel needs whilst delivering an experience that is unique and adventurous. We have an ongoing commitment to provide quality assured products, services and experiences.
  • Innovation – We provide unique and interesting travel destinations which are diverse in environments, custom to the clients travel needs, small group focused and delivering impacting experiences. We provide safety awareness and knowledge to each travel destination, so the client is prepared for their unique travel encounter. As a result to the testament of Innovation, RWE was nominated for an International Eco-Tourism Award (TIES) for 2010 in the Leadership and Innovation to Eco-tourism category.
  • Sustainability - We support sustainable travel which utilises resources in such a way that future generations will benefit and not suffer from the impact of our travel programs. We seek to protect the environments, cultures and natural resources that are relevant to our travel destinations. We encourage and provide economic opportunities that are sustainable and environmentally friendly, supporting conservation initiatives and building grass-root relationships on-ground with each travel destination.
  • Loyalty to Clients – We ensure our interactions with the customers are honest, friendly and time sensitive to the client. Our expert travel leaders and staff will aim to provide the client with a travel experience that is fulfilling and memorable, educational and quality ensured. As a result to our commitment to quality, we ensure customer satisfaction is a priority in all our travel related services and aim to meet or exceed our client’s expectations.

Conservation Partners & Supporters

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