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Rainforest Retreat

Retreat for relaxation and rainforest immersion whilst making magical connections to orangutans and elephants

7 -Day Signature Encounter

DID10NSH: North Sumatran Highlights

This safari has it all! Personal encounters with wild elephants and orangutans, river tubing down beautiful rivers, exploring incredible bat cave ecosystems and witnessing some of the most amazing environments.

10-Day Signature Encounter

Auckland Zoo Eco Adventures

Join Auckland Zoo for a once in a lifetime Eco Adventure in Sumatra!

9-Day Signature Encounter

Volunteer: Orangutan Haven Sumatra

This exclusive volunteer opportunity will allow you to work alongside The Sumatran Orangutan Conservation Programme (SOCP) to support the Orangutan Haven

8-Day Signature Encounter

DID05OEE: Orangutan and Elephant Escapade

Witness the beauty of the rainforest in search of the endangered orangutan

5-Day Discovery Tour

Sumatran Wildlife Safari

Get excited as you take an adventure of a lifetime into North Sumatra!

10-Day Signature Encounter

DBATTANGBR07: Magic of North Sumatra

Family friendly! Visit 3 amazing eco destinations and explore the wildlife, experience the local culture and immerse yourself in the beautiful environments of these unique premier destinations!

7 days-Day Discovery Tour

DID08WFE: Wild Family Encounters

Tour for families that love to explore and share magical encounters

8-Day Discovery Tour

Thomas Leaf Monkey Adventure

Witness the stunning Thomas Leaf Monkey and other unique wildlife

7-Day Discovery Tour

Best Of Borneo

Sandakan to Sukau Tabin Wildlife Tour

9-Day Discovery Tour

DBATRRTANG07: Sumatran Rainforest Adventure

A spectacular trekking adventure for those truly wanting to explore the incredible Gunung Leuser National Park

7 days-Day Discovery Tour

DTANG03: Tangkahan 3 day Hidden Paradise tour

Discover a local community nestled in a hidden paradise. Walk with elephants and explore the Leuser Ecosystem

3-Day Discovery Tour

DBRONG03: Batu Rong Ring Nature Experience

Experience our newest North Sumatran jungle paradise, Batu Rong Ring. Camp overnight in this secret jungle location, explore the beautoful river ecosystem, hidden caves and waterfalls! Top bird lovers paradise.

3 -Day Discovery Tour

DID04BKH: Lake Toba escape

Captivating and Picturesque Lake Toba

4-Day Discovery Tour

DBOR07: Selingan Island Tour

Tour across Borneo.

7-Day Discovery Tour

Venture into the Heart of Borneo

Live among the Dayaks to experience their traditional lifestyle and trek in ancient rainforests where you may discover wild orangutans.

10-Day Discovery Tour

DBOR10: Tabin Wildlife Encounter (Homestay)

Exploration of Borneo

10-Day Discovery Tour

Tour DBOR03: Borneo Rainforest Lodge Escape

Escape to the beautiful, tranquil Danum Valley for a short escape. A great add-on for those that want a comfortable end to their adventure.

3-Day Discovery Tour

DIRIM04: Rimba Ecolodge 4 day package

Spend 4 days in the wilds of Borneo Indonesia! Spend time with orangutans and witness wild proboscis monkeys on your boat cruises.

4 days -Day Discovery Tour

DIRIMB03: Rimba Ecolodge 3 day package

Accommodation package in Central Borneo, Indonesia. Witness the amazing rainforest and orangutans in the wild!

3 days -Day Discovery Tour

Before Extinction Adventure 2020

Adventure with conservationist Jess McKelson, to experience some of the rarest species on earth in the DRC, Uganda & Madagascar. Including the Eastern Lowland Gorillas, Mountain Gorillas, Chimpanzees and Lemurs of Madagascar that face extinction.

21-Day Signature Encounter

Classic Sri Lanka

An intimate journey through Sri Lanka where you witness the beauty of ancient kingdoms, incredible wildlife and landscapes.

10-Day Discovery Tour

Discover Gobi

Discover the Southern part of Mongolia where you camel ride; stay in Ger Camps and witness the Gobi Desert

7-Day Discovery Tour

Enchanting Sri Lanka

Wanderlust Sri Lanka! An escape where the beach, tea plantations, jeep safaris into National Parks and ancient kingdoms all meet.

15-Day Discovery Tour

Exotic Nature & Wildlife Adventure

Immersion into the wilds of Sri Lanka.

15-Day Discovery Tour

In the footsteps of Jane

This carefully curated 12-day tour full with spectacular game drives, unforgettable wildlife experiences and the opportunity to retrace Dr Jane Goodall’s journey to understanding chimpanzees.

12-Day Signature Encounter

Jane Goodall Institute Adventure

Step into the footsteps of Dr Jane Goodall and experience the best of Uganda and leave with life long memories!

14-Day Signature Encounter

Kahuzi Biega Gorillas

Trek with Eastern Lowland Gorillas in Kahuzi Biega National Park

5-Day Discovery Tour

Masai Mara Wildlife Safari

Visit the popular Rift Valley in Kenya on a wildlife safari that is famous for the great migration of wildebeest from Serengeti in Tanzania.

6-Day Discovery Tour

Mongolian Jeep Safari

A magical overview of Southern, Central and Northern Mongolia!

19-Day Discovery Tour

RAWAF05ENT: Ugandan Wildlife Rescue Centre Volunteer Program

Work hands on with some of the most amazing Ugandan wildlife over 6 days!

6-Day Signature Encounter

RAWAF08KA: The Spirit of Kenya

Discover the REAL Kenya and witness incredible wildlife and unique culture!

8-Day Signature Encounter

Secrets of Sri Lanka

Discover the beauty of Sri Lanka on a 5 star adventure. Wildlife, history and cultural exploration!

14-Day Discovery Tour

Sri Lanka Exposed

An extrodinary adventure that combines rich culture, exquisite cuisine, friendly people, ancient history and wilderness. Explore the beauty of Sri Lanka!

7-Day Discovery Tour

SUG06RAGC: Ugandan Mountain Gorilla Adventure

Trek with Mountain Gorillas into Uganda and become your own storyteller.

6-Day Signature Encounter

Taste of Mongolia

This tour concentrates on the historical riches of Mongolia, which are delightfully set against a backdrop of awesome natural splendor.

10-Day Discovery Tour

The Spirit of Congo

Get up close with the mountain gorillas of Congo, the Congo hounds and the orphan gorillas of Senkwekwe.

7-Day Discovery Tour

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