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DID10NSH: North Sumatran Highlights

This safari has it all! bathing orphan elephants, river tubing down beautiful rivers, exploring the famous Bat Cave and personal encounters with endangered orangutans.

10-Day Signature Encounter

SIGTIG08: Batu Katak Tiger Patrol

Tiger Patrolling whilst protecting the local environment. A great tour which introduces you to real life field patrols, camera trapping and amazing culture!

8 -Day Signature Encounter

Sumatran Wildlife Fundraising Adventure

Supporting local communities & wildlife conservation with RAW's CEO Jess McKelson

7 -Day Signature Encounter

DID05OEE: Orangutan and Elephant Escapade

Witness the beauty of the rainforest in search of the endangered orangutan

5-Day Discovery Tour

Volunteer: The Great Orangutan Project

Volunteer with Orangutans and other amazing species!

14 - 28 -Day Volunteer with wildlife!

Volunteer: The Great Turtle Project

Volunteer with Sea Turtles in Sri Lanka!

7-84 -Day Volunteer with wildlife!

Volunteer: The Great Orangutan and Pygmy Elephant Project

Volunteer with elephants and orangutans in Malaysia Borneo!

12-Day Volunteer with wildlife!

Thomas Leaf Monkey Adventure

Witness the stunning Thomas Leaf Monkey and other unique wildlife

7-Day Discovery Tour

DID08WFE: Wild Family Encounters

Tour for families that love to explore and share magical encounters

8-Day Discovery Tour

DID04BKH: Lake Toba escape

Captivating and Picturesque Lake Toba

4-Day Discovery Tour

Educational Journey into North Sumatra

For teachers and educators who want to bring conservation, culture and environments into the classroom by a real life experiences for the students

7-Day Educational Tours!

DISFLOR2: Discover Exotic Flores

Discovering the Komodo Dragon, which is only a hop - skip - jump from Bali.

2 up to 7-Day Discovery Tour

Earth 4 Orangutans Fundraising Adventure

Completely unique Sumatran Orangutan adventure which also gives back to Sumatran Orangutan conservation.

7-Day Signature Encounter

Best Of Borneo

Sandakan to Sukau Tabin Wildlife Tour

9-Day Discovery Tour

Cambodia Family Discovery

Discover the beauty of Siem Reap with the entire family!

6-Day Discovery Tour

DBOR07: Selingan Island Tour

Tour across Borneo.

7-Day Discovery Tour

DBOR10: Tabin Wildlife Encounter (Homestay)

Exploration of Borneo

10-Day Discovery Tour

DCAM03: Magical Cambodia on a shoestring

Discover the Ancient temples of Siem Reap, Cambodia

3-Day Discovery Tour

DCAM08: Explore the beauty of Cambodia

Explore Cambodia on an intimate 8 day adventure from Siem Reap to Phnom Penh

8-Day Discovery Tour

DIRIM04: Rimba Ecolodge 4 day package

Spend 4 days in the wilds of Borneo Indonesia! Spend time with orangutans and witness wild proboscis monkeys on your boat cruises.

4 days -Day Discovery Tour

DIRIMB03: Rimba Ecolodge 3 day package

Accommodation package in Central Borneo, Indonesia. Witness the amazing rainforest and orangutans in the wild!

3 days -Day Discovery Tour

Discover Gobi

Discover the Southern part of Mongolia where you camel ride; stay in Ger Camps and witness the Gobi Desert

7-Day Discovery Tour

Discover the Beauty of Brunei

A short stopover to visit the most beautiful places Brunei has to offer! A great stop over choice

4-Day Discovery Tour

DSRI14: Secrets of Sri Lanka

Discover the beauty of Sri Lanka on a 5 star adventure. Wildlife, history and cultural exploration!

14-Day Discovery Tour

DSRI15: Exotic Nature & Wildlife Adventure

Immersion into the wilds of Sri Lanka.

15-Day Discovery Tour

Jane Goodall Institute Uganda

Life-enriching journey exploring conservation and cultural values

17-Day Signature Encounter

Mongolian Jeep Safari

A magical overview of Southern, Central and Northern Mongolia!

19-Day Discovery Tour

SKE09RAINA: Uganda Entebbe Zoo Volunteer Program

Get your hands dirty and make a difference in Uganda with wildlife!

7-Day Discovery Tour

SKE09RAWKA: Raw Kenya Culture and Wildlife

Spectacular journey providing a truly incredible wild African experience.

9-Day Signature Encounter

SUG06RAGC: Gorillas and Culture

Journey to experience the uniqueness of Uganda and its mountain gorillas

6-Day Signature Encounter

Tabin Wildlife Encounter

Immersion into the wilds of Borneo.

5-Day Discovery Tour

Taste of Mongolia

This tour concentrates on the historical riches of Mongolia, which are delightfully set against a backdrop of awesome natural splendor.

10-Day Discovery Tour

Tour DBOR03: Borneo Rainforest Lodge Escape

Escape to the beautiful, tranquil Danum Valley for a short escape. A great add-on for those that want a comfortable end to their adventure.

3-Day Discovery Tour

Tour DSRI07: Sri Lanka Exposed

An extrodinary adventure that combines rich culture, exquisite cuisine, friendly people, ancient history and wilderness. Explore the beauty of Sri Lanka!

7-Day Discovery Tour

Tour DSRI10: Classic Sri Lanka

An intimate journey through Sri Lanka where you witness the beauty of ancient kingdoms, incredible wildlife and landscapes.

10-Day Discovery Tour

Tour DSRI15: Enchanting Sri Lanka

Wanderlust Sri Lanka! An escape where the beach, tea plantations, jeep safaris into National Parks and ancient kingdoms all meet.

15-Day Discovery Tour

Ulu Ulu National Park

This tour introduces you to Brunei most incredible National Park and the amazing natural wonders it is renowned for.

4-Day Discovery Tour

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