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DID05OEE: Orang-utan and Elephant Escapade

Trekking on elephant back in the home of the endangered orang-utan

5-Day Discovery Tour

SID07E4015: Earth 4 Orangutans Fundraising Adventure

Completely unique Sumatran Orangutan adventure!

7-Day Signature Encounter

SID12WJS: Wild Jungle Safari

Fun-filled, amazing tour - sure to satisfy your adventurous spirit!

12-Day Signature Encounter

DID07TLMA: Thomas Leaf Monkey Adventure

Tour to delight your senses

7-Day Discovery Tour

DID08WFE: Wild Family Encounters

Tour for families that love to explore and have magical encounters

8-Day Discovery Tour

SKH12FB: Free the Bears and Ancient Temples of Cambodia

Amazing hands-on experience: Saving bears and discovering temples

12-Day Signature Encounter

BID05EJO: North Sumatra Elephants, Jungles and Orangutans

Adventure trekking with elephants into the home the orangutan

5-Day Savings Encounter

BID10SLE: Slow Loris Expedition

Cultural immersion exploring the home of the Sumatran elephant and oranguan

10-Day Savings Encounter

DID01MCT: Medan City Tour

Cultural tour of Medan full of history with tastes to delight your senses

1-Day Discovery Tour

DID04BKH: Bataknese and Karonese Highlights

Captivating and Picturesque Journey

4-Day Discovery Tour

DID05TR: Return to Tangkahan Reunion Tour

Special eco tour for past Raw travellers!

5-Day Discovery Tour

DID10NSH: North Sumatran Highlights

Snapshot of some of the most amazing regions in North Sumatra

10-Day Discovery Tour

EID28DUBK: Student Study Tour - Batu Katak

Hands-on adventure focusing on sustainability, conservation and eco tourism

28-Day Student Study Tour

EID28DUT: Student Study Tour - Tangkahan

Hands-on adventure focusing on sustainability, conservation and eco tourism

28-Day Student Study Tour

SKE09RAINA: Il Ngwesi Adventure

Northern Kenya adventure revealing the wonder of the oft-forgotten and un-touched remoteness

9-Day Signature Encounter

SKE12RAWKA: Raw Africa Wild Kenya Adventure

Spectacular journey providing a truly incredible wild African experience.

12-Day Signature Encounter

SUG10RAGCA: Gorilla and Chimpanzee Adventure

Adventure of a life-time to see mountain gorillas and chimpanzees

10-Day Signature Encounter

SUG15RAJGI: Jane Goodall Institute Uganda

Life-enriching journey exploring conservation and cultural values

15-Day Signature Encounter