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Orangutan Haven Volunteer Program

8-Day This exclusive volunteer opportunity will allow you to work alongside The Sumatran Orangutan Conservation Programme (SOCP) to support the Orangutan Haven

From $900 per person

This exclusive volunteer opportunity will allow you to work alongside The Sumatran Orangutan Conservation Programme (SOCP) and local community staff as you prepare the Haven site for the imminent arrival of its first orangutan residents.

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Summary Orangutan Haven Adventure

A semi-wild home for orangutans that cannot be released is under construction in North Sumatra and will be the first of its kind in the world. There are a number of confiscated illegal pet orangutans living at the Sumatran Orangutan Conservation Programme’s (SOCP) quarantine centre, that for health or disability reasons (mostly caused by humans), can never be released back to the wild. Living in metal cages in the SOCP quarantine centre is not acceptable long term to the welfare of these orangutans who could live to be up to 60 years old. The Orangutan Haven is an ambitious project that will provide island homes for these special orangutans that require ongoing care from dedicated SOCP staff, while providing a much needed education and advocacy opportunity for local Indonesians, helping to change the perceptions and attitudes of visitors.

This exclusive volunteer opportunity will allow you to work alongside local community staff as you prepare the Orangutan Haven site for the imminent arrival of its first residents. Tasks are varied and may include landscaping, weeding, painting, enrichment preparation, enclosure furnishing, mapping, wildlife surveying, harvesting, teaching English, trail maintenance or general labour. All tasks will help with completion of the man-made orangutan island enclosures and infrastructure, in preparation for the arrival of the orangutans. You will also assist with the development of any or all of the following on-site: education centre, restaurant, organic farming, ecology centre, visitor centre, animal enclosures, green technology development and general operations.

You will live and work with the locals for five days, before heading to Bukit Lawang, home of one of the the worlds’ first orangutan reintroduction sites. Spend two days in and around the Gunung Leuser National Park, witnessing wild and semi-wild Sumatran orangutans, one of the most critically endangered primates in the world. You will have the option to visit SOCP’s quarantine centre at the conclusion of your adventure (conditions apply) to view rescued orangutans in the process of rehabilitation as well as Orangutan Haven’s future residents.

Each group (maximum of 10) is required to fundraise for the Orangutan Haven prior to departure, to help the SOCP achieve their own fundraising goals in order to develop the site into a world class centre for conservation and education. The minimum target for a group of ten people is $5000AUS.
You can fundraise collectively or individually, and will be sent a crowd funding link to direct donations to in order to make it easier to track your fundraising progress. Get creative with how you raise these much needed funds! Organise a bake-off at your work place, eat like an orangutan for a month, host a dinner or cocktail party, go bowling for orangutans, accept donations in lieu of birthday presents…. the possibilities are endless.


There is only ONE opportunity in 2020 to be a part of this unique and meaningful experience, giving back to a worthy and very important program, and witnessing orangutans in the wild.


Best Time of Year to Travel

March 2020

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30-Mar-2020 to 06-Apr-2020


Single –

Twin share – $900

Family – (total for two adults + two children)

Tour Leader: Amy RobbinsAmy Robbins

Amy is head of Primates at Auckland Zoo and has worked with primates and a wide variety of other species for almost 20 years. She has travelled extensively, working with primates in Africa and Asia and has led Raw adventures since 2013, making her the most experienced wildlife leader on the team!

Level 2: Medium - Explore!

If you are in good health and your level of fitness is average, you can have a great time on this trip. The usual trekking distance is 3 to 5 kilometres at a time. Some of the terrain may be steep; in which case, if you feel that you are unable to participate, we provide optional activities for you to enjoy. Camping and other outdoor activities are also included that are not physically strenuous.

You will need to have good health to join this volunteer program and an active lifestyle.

Best Time of Year to Travel

March 2020

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