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Wild elephants and orangutans

North Sumatran Highlights

10-Day This safari has it all! Personal encounters with wild elephants and orangutans, river tubing down beautiful rivers, exploring incredible bat cave ecosystems and witnessing some of the most amazing environments.

From AUD$1,950 per person

10% discount RRP until end of December 2018! Experience the rainforest and discover the magic as you get up close and personal with wild Sumatran Elephants and Orangutans. This conservation tour is action packed and not available for any other tour operators!

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Experience the very best of North Sumatra on this action filled 10 day adventure with experienced senior Wildlife Leader, Amy Robbins.

Start your adventure with a drive into the Karo highlands, to the postcard-perfect market town of Berastagi and hike through a jaw dropping volcanic landscape. Climb the active volcano Mount Sibayak and soak your muscles in one of the many natural thermal hot springs.

As the adventure continues become immersed in community life by spending quality time with local school children and visit the world-first Orangutan Haven site that will soon become home to orangutans that cannot be returned to the wild. Experience breath-taking underground cave systems in Batu Katak where there are a multitude of primate species to witness – siamangs, pig tailed macaques, orangutans and white handed gibbons to name a few.

Visit world renowned Bukit Lawang alongside the Gunung Leuser National Park, famed for its’ wild and semi-wild orangutans and experience life-changing encounters with this critically endangered species.

After arriving in Tangkahan, the hidden jewel of Sumatra, tube along picturesque rivers, trek into the wilderness of the forest and look for unique Sumatran flora and fauna. Experience the beauty of forest edge communities and explore riverside villages where you’ll become involved in the daily life of the local people.

This adventure will guarantee you life-changing encounters, new friendships and the joy of immersion in a different culture. You will sleep in comfortable accommodation throughout the adventure and enjoy mouth-watering local dishes cooked by local people. This adventure is unlike any of our others and has it all – variety, fun, rivers, volcanoes, wildlife, forest and caves.



  • Visit the Sumatran Orangutan Conservation Programme (SOCP) Orangutan Haven Program.
  • Climb Mt Sibayak Volcano in the highlands of North Sumatra
  • Walk in the footsteps of wild elephants and aim to see them in their natural habitat
  • Immerse yourself into the beauty of the Gunung Leuser National Park 
  • Witness wild orangutans and other primates in Bukit Lawang
  • Taste delicious traditional foods and enjoy Karonese banquets
  • River tube from village to village and swim in waterfalls.
  • Explore the most incredible Bat Cave in Bukit Lawang
  • Observe a multitude of wildlife, including gibbons, monkeys, elephants, birds and reptiles

Optional Extra Activities


Best Time of Year to Travel

February - November

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15-Jul-2019 to 24-Jul-2019


Single – $2100

Twin share – $1950

Family – (total for two adults + two children)

Tour Leader: Amy RobbinsAmy Robbins

Amy is head of Primates at Auckland Zoo and has worked with primates and a wide variety of other species for 17 years. She has travelled extensively, working with primates in Africa and Asia and has led Raw tours since 2013, making her the most experienced wildlife leader on the team!

Level 2: Medium - Explore!

If you are in good health and your level of fitness is average, you can have a great time on this trip. The usual trekking distance is 3 to 5 kilometres at a time. Some of the terrain may be steep; in which case, if you feel that you are unable to participate, we provide optional activities for you to enjoy. Camping and other outdoor activities are also included that are not physically strenuous.

This tour requires a medium level of fitness to be able to fully enjoy the physical adventures, although we can easily cater to varying fitness levels.

Best Time of Year to Travel

February - November

Signature Encounter

Signature Encounters are unique, enchanting, private, and small-group focused. Our wildlife guides are highly skilled and knowledgeable and include real-life encounters in the itinerary, providing you with the finest travel experiences possible.

Note that the advertised dates for Signature Encounters cannot be changed.

Custom Encounters, hosted by a Raw Wildlife guide of your choice who stays with you throughout the entire tour, can also be arranged. Please see Custom Packages for more information.

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“Seeing wildlife in the wild was amazing...”

Very hard to just give one highlight! but seeing wildlife in the wild (e.g. orangutans, gibbons, monkeys) was amazing as were the guides and assistants. loved being in the rainforest, on and in the river, visiting the various projects. Attention, care and assistance of guides fantastic.
– Jane Healey, October 2016
Tour: North Sumatran Highlights

“I loved my entire time”

I can't say I have just one highlight as I loved my entire time with the RAW team. From the experiences in the jungle to the people we met I really feel like I came home with a new goal.... to assist in any way I can!
– Sarah Donald
Tour: Wild Jungle Safari

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