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Earth 4 Orangutans

6-Day adventure exploring amazing wildlife while relaxing in the raw and natural environment of Batu Rongring. For those who enjoy trekking and exploring outdoors.

From $2,500 per person

One of the finest tours that directly benefits orangutans.

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As you leave the hustle and bustle of the city of Medan, and your journey takes you to a remote village on the edge of the Gunung Leuser National Park. This National Park is part of the broader Leuser Ecosystem and the last sanctuary of the Sumatran orangutans. This unique habitat is the last place on earth where these wild orangutans, Sumatran tigers, elephants and rhino all co-exist together.

Before reaching your new rainforest home, you'll pause at a palm oil plantation to learn more about the devastating effects of this monoculture crop, and what you can do to help. Then it's off to the idyllic eco-lodge at Batu Rongring - where you'll be met by the songs of native birds and the chattering of local primates. You'll relax into this raw, natural environment before you know it, and begin to feel as much a part of this unique ecosystem as the wildlife around you and the locals you meet. 

As well as learning about RAW's conservation programs, you'll have ample time to explore this undiscovered village and surrounding areas. With little-to-no tourists yet visiting this are, you'll be able to appreciate the beauty of the local area, and experience some of the traditional Karonese culture.

Each day there'll be treks into the Gunung Leuser National Park to explore the rainforest, and search for wild orangutans, monkeys, birds, and see evidence of sunbears, pigs and deers, and may other fascinating creatures. 

The animals are not the only attraction in this gorgeous ecosystem. The flora here is breathtaking; with enormous trees stretching into the clouds, draped with vines; and plants that will tower over your head. You will walk through crystal clear rivers, visit secluded waterfalls, and explore amazing cave systems.

This tour is ideal for those of you who aspire to make a difference when you travel. Your tour leader will be RAW CEO & Founder, Jess McKelson who has spent many months in this location developing RAW's conservation programs. 

You will be a part of something that is just beginning and be able to make a positive impact with your travel. You will also be able to see exactly what your conservation levy is contributing to.

Highlights of this tour:  

  • Exploring the unspoiled wilderness of Batu Rongring, in this spectacular area of the Gunung Leuser National Park
  • Walking to the largest tree recorded in North Sumatra (recorded 26.9m circumference)
  • Trekking through amazing cave ecosystems, and going on night spotlighting walks with the local guides
  • Finding hidden waterfalls and enjoying the beautiful river systems
  • Getting your hands dirty by helping to plant trees and crops on the land that your conservation levy has helped to purchase
  • Experiencing traditional Karonese culture and participating in a traditional medicine class

Best Time of Year to Travel

On the dates we have provided for you!


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13-Jul-2018 to 18-Jul-2018


Single – A$2,500

Twin share – A$2,500

Family – (total for two adults + two children)

Tour Leader: Amy RobbinsAmy Robbins

Amy is head of Primates at Auckland Zoo and has worked with primates and a wide variety of other species for 17 years. She has travelled extensively, working with primates in Africa and Asia and has led Raw tours since 2013, making her the most experienced wildlife leader on the team!

Level 1: Easy - Immerse!

If your fitness is average, this is the level for you, especially if you just want to relax and participate in activities that are not too strenuous. The activities are optional, and some of them involve trekking in various terrains for 0.5 to 1 kilometre at a time. All you need for this level is good health and a sense of adventure.

A good sense of spirit and an active lifestyle is all you need for this adventure!

Best Time of Year to Travel

On the dates we have provided for you!

Signature Encounter

Signature Encounters are unique, enchanting, private, and small-group focused. Our wildlife guides are highly skilled and knowledgeable and include real-life encounters in the itinerary, providing you with the finest travel experiences possible.

Note that the advertised dates for Signature Encounters cannot be changed.

Custom Encounters, hosted by a Raw Wildlife guide of your choice who stays with you throughout the entire tour, can also be arranged. Please see Custom Packages for more information.

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“Can't wait till I go again”

Once again RAW provided the most exciting, fun filled trip, nothing was too much trouble, everything well organised, very informative so much fun! I can't just highlight 1 thing - every day was another adventure. Can't wait till I go again!!"

“Best tours I have ever been on!!”

As I mentioned before this was one of the best tours I have ever been on from the way it was organised from home to how we were dealt with in Indonesia. Every day was a highlight from seeing the work being conducted in saving the orangutans and listening to Ian and Jen speak with such passion. To being able to see the semi-wild released animals in Bukit Lawang, and finally to be in such a beautiful place as Tangkahan! To actually trek through this ecosystem that you know is full of different species and then be lucky enough to witness such a small number of them was really special. The boys that came with us and helped along the way really did make this trip so much fun...their humour, knowledge, smiles , singing and laughter...not to mention being treated like princesses for most of the trip was fantastic....and then to do the rafting and hot pools and waterfalls and elephant just didn't end and every day got better and better!!! I was truly sad to see this trip end...and plan to hopefully go back again one day
– Amanda Lynch, September 2016
Tour: Earth 4 Orangutans Adventure

“The most eye-opening & worthwhile trip I have ever been on!”

This was the most eye-opening and worthwhile trip that I have been on. Seeing the wildlife and the jungle was incredible. What really made the trip for me though was the guides. They were so knowledgeable and passionate about what they do, and it was amazing seeing the work that is being done by SOCP and the Tangkahan Effect. It was an incredible adventure which photos and words can't capture, and I can't wait to return.

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