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  • Red Hot Deal

    DBATTANGBR07: Magic of North Sumatra

    AUD $1,550from20% OFF

    Take advantage of this 7 day FAMILY GETAWAY with 20% off RRP for min 2 people.
    Expires 31st December 2017

    Departure date:

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  • Red Hot Deal

    DID08WFE: Wild Family Encounters

    $4,500from15% discount

    Take advantage of this Amazing Family Escape to North Sumatra with 15% off. Kids are classified as up to the age of 16 years old!
    OFFER VALID: Until December 31st 2017

    Departure date: Anytime you want!

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  • Red Hot Deal

    DBATRRTANG07: Sumatran Rainforest Adventure

    AUD $1,290 from$1,140

    $200 OFF RRP! A new discovery tour which you can choose anytime of the year to travel. Trekking over 4 days in the Leuser Ecosystem and experience the magic of North Sumatra. AMAZING

    Departure date: ANYTIME!

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  • Red Hot Deal

    International Animal Rescue Orangutan Volunteer Program

    AUD$1,550from10% off

    Take 10% off RRP when you book your position working with orangutans.
    Offer valid until: December 31st 2017

    Departure date:

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