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The Tangkahan Effect

Christie Reeves (ex RWE Tour guide) and Natalie Townsend have been lucky enough to visit this village several times, over the past few years, and were overwhelmed with the effect it had on them with it’s isolated location, unique community spirit and it’s tranquil surrounds. Hendra and Edy are Tangkahan locals, and are an essential source of information on the ground in the village. Together they formed the Tangkahan Effect and are achieving inspiring progress!


Raw supports The Tangkahan Effect (TTE) in North Sumatra Indonesia, where it focuses on elephant welfare and nutrition, along with direct community support and education. RWE encourages all guests to get involved with captive elephant welfare initiatives which TTE co-ordinate directly with the Conservation Response Unit (CRU) orphan elephants in Tangkahan.


Find out more HERE about this inspirational program


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