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Sumatran Ranger Program

Our Vision

To ensure long term protection of the buffer zone and forest edge communities of the Leuser ecosystem in North Sumatra

Our Mission

To halt activities that damage the buffer zone environment and are a threat to wildlife and to assist in identifying sustainable alternative solutions for the forest edge communities living within the buffer zone of the Leuser ecosystem.

The Sumatran Ranger Project is the first community conservation initiative of its’ kind focussing on protection of the buffer zone in the threatened Leuser Ecosystem. The Leuser Ecosystem is one of the worlds’ richest, yet least known and threatened forest ecosystems; the very last place on Earth where Sumatran elephants, tigers, orangutans and rhinoceros co-exist. The project employs a team of men to patrol several forest edge, or buffer zone communities in the Leuser Ecosystem to collect data, conduct surveys, remove snares, provide wildlife conflict assistance and provide educational outreach. The project has a strong focus on helping identify sustainable alternative income solutions, to help reduce communities’ reliance on harmful activities such as poaching and the palm oil industry. We work with communities to help empower them to protect the forest and identify long term sustainable initiatives that will benefit their communities and the environment.



RAW Wildlife host Amy Robbins  has developed this program to raise critical funds towards financing the tools, equipment and ongoing support for this group of dedicated rangers to patrol each month.

Raw actively supports staff which have a direct program connection to the places we visit and aim to raise money from some of our tours, to contribute to this program.  A donation of $300 AUD per person will automatically go towards this program for every position on the Sumatran Wildlife Fundraising Adventure program.



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