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Sumatran Dog Health Program

About the program

In Sumatra, Indonesia the number of domestic dogs is growing and there are no sustainable population control measures easily available. As a result, dogs are housed in inadequate conditions which compromise their health and welfare. These dogs currently lack appropriate veterinarian health care and are suffering from easily preventable diseases such as 'parvovirus' and 'rabies'. This program has been created to support more than 800+ dogs in the communities of Sibolangit and Langkat regencies within North Sumatra, Indonesia.


  • To empower local communities to improve the health and welfare of domestic dogs in key areas of North Sumatra with the following strategies:
  • Provide free monthly health appointments & veterinary care.
  • Educate communities on the benefit of good health, welfare, nutrition and population control (sterilisation).
  • Provide free sterilisations and vaccinations to over 800+ dogs.
  • Collaboration with other animal welfare organisations to strengthen and expand this program.
  • Decrease the consumption of dog meat via a strategic educational and welfare campaign.


RAW will donate AUD$150 per person towards this animal welfare program, with all participants on the 7 Day Sumatran Wildlife Adventure. The funds will go towards the ongoing work to improve domestic animal health and welfare in all regions we currently visit in North Sumatra.





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