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Community Help Program

RWE supports a wide variety of other initiatives within the local communities we support. This ranges from school kids (and willing adults) to learn English, with providing free dictionaries and educational materials to schools and community clubs, along with engaging the woman and donating much needed clothing and health items. Rather than RWE dictating what they need, the communities directly ask for our support and RWE develops a cooperative program with the village leaders and clubs to help with their priority needs.

Days for Girls (DFG) is an international initiative that aims to help women and girls in low socio-economic communities to overcome some of the obstacles they face. In many of the villages we work with, the girls can’t afford sanitary health care and many have to miss days off school if they menstruate. Our RWE Angels from Australia formed a local chapter of DFG in 2016 and have been working hard to make reusable sanitary products for some of our local villages, while also holding workshops on women’s health and sex education. With strong relationships established between village reps from each village, Renee, Chelsea and Vicki have already distributed over 40 packs to Tangkahan and Batu Mbelin, with another 100 ready to go in the next few months.

RWE supports the work that DFG is doing and we will continue to provide guidance, education and empowerment the local women!



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