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Community Children Clubs

Since 2010, RWE supports three Community Children Clubs (CCC), where the kids have the opportunity to further develop learning skills after school hours. In Tangkahan, RWE supported the development of the Tangkahan English Club and is endeavouring to develop similar models in two other areas – Batu Katak and Batu Rongring.

Many kids in these remote villages receive no support to buy basic necessities for school – such as writing books, pencils and pens. They also lack the opportunity to extend their learning, as there are no libraries or other additional resources available.

Each time a RWE tour visits these areas, we encourage our guests to bring some of the supplies in our Priority Wishlist and donate it directly to the school kids in need, so it can enhance their education and opportunities to learn.

The Role of Raw Wildlife Encounters

RWE has been integral in providing funds, guidance and 'in-kind' support for the development of these programs. Our guests raise and donate funds that we then utilise to support the CCC. To date we have funded the main building, teacher salary and supported donations of learning resources in Tangkahan and recently the establishment of the CCC in Batu Rongring. We have Australian Raw Angels Vicki Gabriel and  Renee Pluckhahn, who work together with RAW to manage these programs and ensure long term support.



The Tangkahan English Club is a community initiative established by Raw Wildlife Encounters and its guests.

It aims to provide the children of Tangkahan and surrounding villages with free lessons in English, Karonese culture and environment. We hope that the children learn how to manage the change brought to their community from tourism, that they retain cultural identity, an understanding of the importance of environmental preservation, and language skills that give them increased employment opportunities in the future. The TEC currently teaches 105 children, aged between 4 and 15 years.



RWE encourages all guests to donate inkind supplies to the children of this village. Each time a group tour visits, many of RWE guests will give the group books, pencils, pens and other items that will support the children's confidence to go to school.






This is a newly formed club in RWE ecotourism destination. This club has been formed with a school class of 40 10 year old children, to teach them about their natural environment, litter management and encourage sustainable garden techniques in their school yard. RWE is proud to establish this club and also encourage our Raw Angels to continue to manage this for the future. RWE seeks in kind donation support for the kids, who do not have access to basic items such as school books and pencils


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