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Carly Day

Carly has over 15 years experience working with animals. From beginning as a vet nurse then working as Lead Senior Keeper of Primates at Auckland Zoo. With a particular passion for Orangutans, Carly was drawn to visit Sumatra 6 years ago and fell in love with the flora, fauna and people of Sumatra. Since then she has assisted at release sites throughout the Sumatra, and spent time learning, volunteering and fundraising to help save these amazing ecosystems.

Carly has worked intensively over the last 8 years with both zoo-born orangutans rescued orangutans in Sumatra and has been heavily involved in efforts to conserve them and their environment.

“My first trip to Sumatra was working with SOCP in 2009 – where I spent a month in the jungle of South Sumatra at a release site. From the first moment I set foot in Sumatra I was in love with every aspect of the island: the climate, the people, the language, the culture and of course the incredible environment and animals. Since that first trip 7 years ago, I have visited Sumatra over 10 times and have been lucky enough to see further release sites and assist at the SOCP Quarantine Centre in Medan. I’ve also been fortunate enough to be able to be a tourist and explore many of Sumatra’s beautiful places and can’t wait for my next trip! The opportunity to introduce this awesome place to people is a very special one, and I have no doubt that anyone who chooses to come along for the ride will instantly fall in love with this incredible place.”

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