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Jenna Hollamby

Jenna Hollamby has been working within Adelaide zoo with native and exotic birds, reptiles, invertebrate and mammals for the last 7 years, as well as a year working on Hamilton Island working with native fauna.

Jenna has travelled to Indonesia twice in the last two years to volunteer within the Sumatran Orangutan Conservation Programme (SOCP) at the specialized Quarantien Station. Having a big interest in Primates her first volunteer trip to Sumatra in 2015 was life changing and since then she has been involved in the Earth 4 Orangutan volunteer group. She spends most of her time organizing annual dinners and fundraisers and has been dedicated to making a positive change to all animals affected by deforestation, human conflict and the people who look after and protect these regions and animals.

Being able to work with the local people and help with animal training, husbandry and welfare Jenna has been able to bring her passion back to Australia to raise awareness of the plight of many animals within Sumatra and also Kalimantan by creating “Raw Hope”aromatherapy room mists; to raise funds and awareness for the Sungai Wain Forest Protection to get rangers up and running to protect this unique ecosystem.


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