Raw Wildlife!

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Eastern Brown Snake

Need to know more before going into the wilds to find animals and plants of interest?
We are here to help.

Raw Wildlife!

Not everything in the wild is armed and dangerous and out to kill you.
Knowing what is safe and what is not can make trips to the wilder parts of the planet far less stressful.
Here we set the record straight and feature the people, places and businesses that are working in the ecotourism and education spaces and at the forefront of wildlife science.
Besides liasing with tour operators, we feature the discoveries by those most seasoned explorers of the wilder parts of the planet and how they did it.
Besides being of interest generally, the stories of our most intrepid scientists and explorers will inspire others to follow their footsteps to make the world a better place.
Included are those who have gone into the swamps of Florida to discover the world's largest species of snapping turtle, Macrochelys maxhoseri, rare tree kangaroo and wallaby species from Australasia and countless frogs from mosquito infested swamps in the steaming tropics.
Whether you seek to chase dangerous Cobras or Vipers in Africa, Rattlesnakes on the west coast of the USA, or large fish in east Australian rivers we have the information to help you out.
We also delve into the raw wildlife you can find in your own home town or city and feature world leading wildlife displays and reptile shows, or even kids reptile parties, all of which will help you get to learn more about the raw wildlife out there.
Of course deciding what really is wildlife and what is domestic is not always easy to define, and this is before one factors in strict legal definitions, where in some countries anything bar dogs and cats is gazetted as "wildlife".

Useful resources for people wanting to know more about raw wildlife in their local area or in the wild.

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