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RWE’s unique style of small group eco travel provides direct contact with ethical life choices by personally connecting people with the communities and conservation projects their travel dollars support.

Our Tour Leaders often find that guests experience a life-changing, emotional shift in awareness about the direct impact their day-to-day decisions make on the lives of people and wildlife on a local – and global – scale.

When our guests develop a burning desire to contribute to long-term solutions that conserve biodiversity hot spots, and empower local communities to control their own livelihood and preserve their environment, the RWE team is well connected in the field of conservation. We can provide information before, during, and after travel that strengthens and cements personal aspirations for conservation support.

Raw Angels is the term we like to use to describe members who make and act on a commitment that results in positive change.

We are delighted to mentor, encourage, reinforce, and celebrate the achievements of our Raw Angels. Will you join our journey and add your voice to ours?

Our Angels

Andrea Savage

'On coming back home from our RAW tour, I was struck with an insatiable desire to support Jess with the work her and the team was doing. I processed what my contribution could be almost immediately on my arrival home. I would work with both my local Landcare network and my school to create awareness and funding support...'
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Joanne Henstridge

The Bali Safari Park included an opportunity to hold a baby Orangutan. It was there that I realised how wrong it was. After that experience I decided I wanted to do something to help but did not know how I could help. Raw Wildlife Encounters certainly opened up my eyes and has changed me for the better. I will always keep a special place in my heart for Jessica and my Jungle Brothers.

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Cassandra Rowe

He stops, turns to face us and signals 'shhhh' with the universal index finger to his mouth... we stand still as we can, as if we are terrified, my heart is thumping so hard i feel like the whole jungle can feel it. I feel sweat rolling down my back. A mosquito flys past my ear. A stick breaks under someones awkwardly positioned trekking shoe, rotting leaves give way to body weights they're not used to on the floor of the forest... he signals again with a silent wave 'come on' so we crunch our way through the jungle once again, ungracefully attempting balance that only the rangers and guides here seem to have.
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Fiona & Peter Hartshorn

When Peter and Fiona joined the Earth 4 Orangutans Fundraising Adventure in 2014, little did they know that this would change their lives. Since returning from their life-chnaging adventure, they have been able to supper the Tangkahan English Club and Sumatran Orangutan Conservation Programme.
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Helen Hargreaves

I will always consider myself very lucky to have met Jess in 2009 when as a volunteer at Melbourne Zoo I became aware that she was escorting a group to Tangkahan, a place very special to her! She had decided that an effective way to engage people in the conservation of both the orangutans and the Gunung Leuser ecosystem was to take tours to Northern Sumatra...This was to be my first trip to an incredibly interesting and diverse place.
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Ella Parkes

When we were at a village we met a woman and her daughter. The daughter was not much older than me but had stopped school because it was too much money for her family to afford. This made me feel sad because her opportunities are less than mine. By sponsoring a girl to go to university from the village, it means that they will have the opportunities that I wish everyone could have. I don’t know if I will go to university, I am only in year 7, but at least I can choose.
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Maxine Siemering

In 2013 I felt empowered to act via education, develop awareness, build an educational environment of respect and responsibility of the wider world and specifically the natural world of orang-utans, this action and empowerment continues today.
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Renee Pluckhahn

"...Never in a million years would I have pictured my first trip to Sumatra to wind up where we are now. RAW Angel Vicki Gabriel is a HUGE part of the reason we made it and I am extremely grateful. There are so many other special people that make up my jungle family who you can find in Tangkahan.… "
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Vicki Gabriel

In July 2012, my daughter Chelsea and I travelled to the island of North Sumatra in Indonesia. Chelsea and I knew this would be the beginning of some incredible experiences but we didn’t realise it was also the beginnings of a new school, a football club, local employment, being accepted into local family structures and being a part of a village that is trying to save their native animals, their jungle, their heritage and their medicinal knowledge for future generations...
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