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Published: 09-Nov-2011

Written by: Raw Wildlife Encounters

Over the past 6 weeks we’ve gathered information via our online survey from guests of Raw Wildlife Encounters (RWE), enquiring about what they enjoyed most about their adventure holiday with us. Their detailed responses have blown us away and will serve to inform the direction of RWE’s exciting future travel adventures.

In full appreciation of the respondents’ time, here’s a snapshot of the results for everyone to read…

Who are RWE travellers?

The top three age categories are:

  1. 51 – 70 years

    Only 23.3% of the tours taken by this age category were customised to meet travel needs and were family-based holidays.

    The 5 day Orangutan and Elephant Escapade was the most popular tour.

    76.7% of these guests participated in a ‘Signature Encounter’; a tour where experienced staff deliver the travel encounter on a stress-free adventure organised and led by our Australian wildlife hosts. The most popular Signature Experience was to North Sumatra on the Elephant Odyssey Adventure.

  2. 36 – 50 years

    44% of guests within this age category customised their tours.

    The majority had experienced prior travel to Asia and sought further, family-based adventures.

    The most popular tour durations were 4-6 days.

    A number chose Raw Wildlife Encounters based on referral by previous RWE guests.

    56% participated in a ‘Signature Encounter’. Our North Sumatran Experience was the most popular. Guests in this age group were looking for unique and ethically sound tours where private wildlife encounters were essential.

  3. 19-35 years

    46.2% of guests within this age category booked a customised tour — a short adventure full of activities— as their travel time was truncated due to the limitations of school holidays or work commitments.

    Once again, our 5 day Orangutan & Elephant Escapade was the most popular tour, being affordable, private, and exclusive to our guests.

    53.8% of guests booked Signature Encounters with our North Sumatran experience being the most popular. Guests in this age category felt that professional tour operators and wildlife guides were important for the first-time traveller in a country that is not ‘touristy’. These guests showed keen interest in the local community programs we support with our conservation partners, and returned home with a greater understanding and motivation to participate further.

What we discovered about RWE travellers

  • 80.45% of people who booked with Raw Wildlife Encounters were female age 35 – 80 years. (Which means only 19.54% of clients were male.)
  • Most of our guests have limited to medium fitness yet actively seek adventure travel. They are enthusiastic for experiences that will challenge them both physically and mentally.
  • Our guests seek tours that address all their needs, are well organised, and run by professional and skilled staff.
  • Our guests seek challenge but respect our ethical eco standards; they’re interested to know more about the work we participate in with community and conservation programs.
  • Most guests like the personalised interactions with local community. And personal attention by RWE staff enables guests to place trust in them to execute an adventure that fulfils their wishlist. This led to overall satisfaction of the adventure.
  • Most guests had a life changing / highly memorable experience and felt more informed about the issues that threaten the areas to which RWE travel. Many have become ambassadors for our RWE Programs.
  • And finally, the main reason for their choosing to book a RWE adventure? Key wildlife encounters and exposure to culturally and environmentally diverse experiences.

What our guests enjoyed most about their adventure – in their own words

‘The passion about the animals, the extremely personalised service provided and the access fully guided tour that took one into a special place of the world that is not commercialised. The fact that animal conservation is before tourism.’ – Female 32yrs, Elephant Odyssey Adventure, North Sumatra.

‘Observing local village life in Sumatra and learning about wildlife conservation programs’ – Female 60 yrs, Elephant Odyssey Adventure, North Sumatra.

‘With a lot of help I had a wonderful, challenging, once in a lifetime experience with friends, and met much supportive, kind, funny new friends’ - Female 59 yrs, Elephant Odyssey Adventure, North Sumatra.

‘The personal care given by Fleur - and her obvious devotion to what she is doing.’ - Female 80 yrs, Man of the Jungle Adventure, Malaysia.

‘The organisation of the whole trip. Everything was planned beautifully’ - Female 49 yrs, 3 Day Orangutan Escapade Adventure, North Sumatra.

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