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Published: 31-May-2017

Written by: Jessica McKelson

Explore our selection of the best destinations for 2017

1. Sri Lanka

Being home to the largest leopard population in the world, UNESCO world heritage sites, tea and spice plantations, and surrounded by beautiful beaches, this culturally rich picturesque ‘Tear Drop Island’ will please every traveller. Sri Lanka is still emerging as a tourist destination, so when visiting the main tourists area, it actually won't feel too touristy. There is so much to see in relation to wildlife encounters, and it's the only place to witness the largest Asian migration of elephants which happens between July - October in the Minneriya National Park. Safaris in Yalla National Park are a must, as well as visiting historic land attractions, ancient kingdoms and tasting food which has been shaped by it's colourful cultural past. 

When we asked RAW traveller, Krystal Freeman what was special about Sri Lanka, she said: "It’s the flavourful foods packed with spices that will feed your soul (and you leave consistently over indulging). It’s the cultural diversity and history. But most of all it is the beautiful people with warm and welcoming smiles that love nothing more than a good chat and to show off their country."

We offer a variety of travel options for Sri Lanka, with our most popular tour being our Exotic Nature and Wildlife Tour, although nothing compares to building your own custom travel experience!

2. Kenya

Known as the safari capital of the world, Kenya is home to more than fifty of the worlds most magnificent national parks and reserves, with the Maasai Mara National Reserve being one of the most famous. Located in the south west corner of Kenya, the Mara is contiguous with the great Serengeti National Park in Tanzania, and was named in honour of the Maasai people as their ancestral home. 

The Mara is famous for the seasonal wildlife migration of the one and a half million wildebeest and their accompanying zebra and antelope, and is also the best place to see the "Big Five" animals (elephants, lions, leopards, rhinos and buffalo) together

Our 5-day Maasai Mara Wildlife Safari is one of our NEW African Tours. If you are considering Africa, we can blend this tour with one of our other packages and you will have one African journey that will be highly memorable and exclusive to your travel desires!

3. Brunei

Brunei is a tiny nation on the island of Borneo, surrounded by Malaysia and the South China Sea. It's known for its beaches and bio-diverse rainforest, rich in exotic flora and fauna, Brunei is a paradise for nature lovers and for nature tourism in general. And luckily due to its richness in oil, Brunei hasn't turned its rainforests into palm oil plantations!

It's a great destination to stop over and relax on the way to/from Borneo Malaysia. Take yourself around the city before being brisked away on a boat journey where you wind your way up the jungle ecosystems before arriving at the exquisite ecolodge - Ulu Ulu Resort in the Ulu Ulu National Park. Great food, breath taking accommodation overlooking the river and park, naturalist guides which are specialists in birds and the local fauna, will guide you on the unique and exclusive trail systems, introducing you to the forest homes and traditional Iban culture. 

We have two specific Brunei tours for you to choose from, although again nothing compares to building your own custom travel experience within this beautiful country!

4. Borneo, Malaysia

Borneo is located southeast of Malaysia, and it's split among three different countries: Malaysia, Brunei, and Indonesia. The Malaysian side of Borneo is divided into two areas as well: Sarawak and Sabah. You'll find remote jungle beauty, tribal cultures, and incredible wildlife and plant species. Borneo is home to the orangutan, pygmy elephant, proboscis monkey and the world's largest flower, the Rafflesia. Whether it's exploring the jungle, staying with a local family, trekking or diving in the beautiful waters, it's breathtakingly beautiful scenery and rare wildlife make Borneo a must for any adventurous traveller.

Our 9-day Best of Borneo tour is one of our most popular tours, although a number of RAW guests are asking for tours customised for their specific needs. If you tell us what you want to see, your budget then we'll build you the best Borneo itinerary offered.

5. North Sumatra, Indonesia

We've saved our favourite for last, and as you know it's where is all started for Raw Wildlife Encounters! It was all about saving the orangutans, and helping local remote communities move away from illegal deforestation and wildlife trade. Now, although still focused on our conservation and community services, we want others to see the sheer natural beauty of this island, and understand the impact it can have on your soul.

World heritage Gunung Leuser National Park, is one of the few remaining rainforests to harbour the endangered orangutan, and the only place that allows the orangutan, elephant, tiger and rhino to all co-exist together. We'll introduce you to villages and their people, which sit within the border of this National Park, and take you through an exploration of the amazing jungle, wildlife and Karonese culture. It's raw and basic in this beautiful region, but the rewards are high.  

As you can imagine we have a number of popular tours on offer in the region, including our signature tours which are all lead by our Wildlife Leaders and include our Sumatran Wildlife Fundraising Adventure; Tiger PatrolNorth Sumatran Highlight and our NEW over 55 Forever Young Tour.

Although, we want to introduce you to our NEW Magic of North Sumatra discovery tour, which blends wildlife, culture and three amazing eco-villages for you to explore - our Triple Jungle Paradise!

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