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Published: 21-Mar-2017

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I dated a guy who primary business was conducted from his phone. He never put it down! At first I was ok with this and accepted this was him, until we took our first overseas holiday together and then I realised how he just never ‘turns off’, and how addictive and out of control this behaviour had become.

This addicted to phone behaviour or (FOMO phone conversation) extended to \during family meals, dinner parties and so on. Was it his fault? Yes and No.

Yes because he always answered the phone and spoke to his clients during these times when I believe a timeout moment is granted. Are we that rude now to work 24hrs a day and never have the decency to inform clients that we switch off during holidays, family time, emergencies and for our own mental health break?

So you need to ask yourself these questions when you go away, in particular with family or friends:

1.Is it something I want to teach my family by representing this behaviour? Reinforcing that being on the phone during valuable time that has many precious moments to be a part off, is worth the phone conversation?

2.Am I that rude not to ALLOW myself VALUABLE time with my family/friends and switch off after 5pm or even while I am away?

3.Why go on a holiday if you cannot allow yourself the time off. You work all the time and one of the best thing a holidays provides is time for your brain to rest, anti stress and your body to recoup. We live in a world where we (as in humanity) have allowed ourselves to be on call 24hrs a day and panic if we do not answer the phone or are available. What example are we setting for our families? Why do we have no time for each other? What is the value of having a family?

Ethically, I do not believe in this and I find it very arrogant that people will re prioritise time for themselves or others, all for the name of work and business phone conversations. I can say this, because I used to do this and had this habit for over 15 years of my life! But I changed my behaviour and my values, when I came to the rainforest and had a good think about what was important to me. Along with no having the service in remote areas.
I realised I don't speak to my family much, I have no idea what goes on in their lives. My family is always second rated to something else work related because I never made the effort and so they also gave up trying to have a close relationship with me. I also taught my clients and staff that it was ok to be at work 24hrs a day, and never gave myself permission to have a break. I was always tired and mentally fatigued and always too busy to enjoy my life. Time goes by and I regret some of the most important experiences I could have had, if only I stopped work for a few days and delegated to others that could help.

What happened with my ex boyfriend when I was on this holiday? I ended up taking it from him and removing the sim card and enjoying the best holiday I had ever had. Funny enough he also enjoyed his time away and thought it was refreshing and since then, he delegates and diverts his phone to another staff member to answer phone calls.

Here is my 5 tips to travelling with a business and managing expectations from your clients when on a HOLIDAY.

1.Inform your clients you are going away and delegate to another staff member. Put your phone on automatic divert to that persons number. At the same time, for those close to you which need to contact you at times, switch your sim card to one that they can if an emergency arises.

2.Put a message on your phone which explains what times you will be available for people to phone, if you are unable to redivert your phone or have business at a set time that requires your immediate attention. (but then don't travel when this happens as well!)
Clear your diary for periods of the year which are holidays and make this just as much off a priority than your business. I usually do this every 6 months for the next 6 months, so I can work around the dates.

3.Travel to a destination which does not have service! Or limited service. This is a good way to break the habit and give yourself freedom to enjoy your holiday. You will be surprised that you can have fun and switch off during these times. Its when life long memories, stories and experiences are created and cherished.

4.Book yourself on programs and adventures which will not tolerate this behaviour and you are forced to socialise with other people. Group tours are the best! You are almost pressured socially that turning off the phone is a good way to maximise your time out.

5.Just dont bring a phone! Most times travelling to areas that are remote or off the beaten trail, dont give you permission to bring a phone. So for your first few times to break this extremely addictive behaviour, find a place that it is impossible to use and not worth bringing it with you.

It is sad to see our future generations always on the phone and as role models, we need to accept that to change such behaviour, we need to also set the example.

-Train your clients that you are not on call 24hrs a day

- Set an example when on holiday and giver yourself permission to enjoy your well deserved break

-Dont give into your habit and refresh your mind.

You will be then well rested and enriched which is the best medicine for improving your business or working conditions. Most of the creative ideas to enhance business is during these times when you dont push your brain to find meaningful innovative business solutions, because you dont have the pressure and unexpected opportunities arise!


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