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Published: 02-Jul-2020

Written by: Amy Robbins

Five incredible things you will experience on a Raw Forever Young adventure

  • Relaxation. Enjoy total immersion in the peaceful environments we visit without a jam-packed itinerary. This trip is all about reconnecting with nature and yourself and enjoying the best of what North Sumatra has to offer without the expectation of excessive physical exertion. Enjoy leisurely strolls and short bursts of energy followed by traditional massages and tranquil river environments. There is no pressure to over-exert yourself on this adventure and we take things at your pace.

  • Connection to wildlife. You will experience authentic and powerful animal connections as you witness wildlife in its natural habitat and bathe elephants in a river. Once you experience a powerful animal connection you will be more invested in what is happening to them in the wild and become an advocate to help protect them. Witnessing wildlife in its’ natural environment for the first time is life-changing.

  • Connection to people. Guests often come with the intention of witnessing and connecting to wildlife but they leave with a strong connection to the local people in the communities we visit, including with Raw’s local guides. We use only the best, most experienced and knowledgeable local guides who will bend over backwards to ensure you have the best experience possible. You will leave with more than photos; you will gain true friendships. You will witness directly, the impact your dollar has on these forest edge communities and leave feeling satisfied you have contributed to their livelihood.

  • Choice. A lot of our itinerary is up to you. The focus is on taking our time, absorbing the culture and scenery and making new friends. We will explore at our leisure and having the flexibility to choose much of our itinerary means you are more likely to have genuine experiences.

  • Fun. As your wildlife leader I can guarantee you will have lots of fun. I have years of experience working with our local guides and in these communities and I know where to take you to have the most authentic and moving experiences. Often, I take guests on special outings within the communities that aren’t on the itinerary and these are often the moments they treasure as they are unexpected and genuine.



There are limited places left on my October 2017 Forever Young adventure  You don’t need to be a mature traveller to join us, just have the desire to chill out, relax and experience the beauty of North Sumatra. I look forward to hosting you soon. 
Love Amy x 

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