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Published: 10-Mar-2017

Written by: Deb Pilgrim

No matter what age you are, travel can be life changing, eye opening, exciting, and engaging. As a family, it can bring you together like nothing else, and inspire passion and a sense of wonderment.

Just for a moment, imagine your children protesting as you wake them early to head out on an early morning trek, then a few hours later, their eyes wide open in wonder as they see a wild baby orangutan with it's mum playing in trees above them in the Gunung Leuser National Park. Or them feeling like they're on top of the world, up high on a rainforest canopy walk in Borneo. Or their excitement as they jump in a jeep and go in search of leopards, elephants; bears and crocodiles in Yala National Park, Sri Lanka. These experiences will rouse even the most recalcitrant teenager...

The world's most exciting natural environments make for perfect adventure playgrounds. An adventure, taken together as a family, offers escape from the pressures and challenges of daily life; a moment to focus on what is really important - your family.

We understand families come in different shapes, sizes and budgets, and we're happy to help you make the most of these memories. We have a number of family adventures waiting for you to explore, by either customising a trip specifically for your family, or recommending one of our current family focused itineraries.

Here's two of our family friendly tours in Sumatra, Indonesia:

8-day Wild Family Encounters, currently on special from $4,500 to $4,050 (based on a family of 4)

This is a special tour for families that love to explore and have magical encounters. It is packed with fun, adventure and unique experiences. Can you imagine bathing and caring for the elephants? Then set off and trek through the beautiful forests of the World Heritage Gunung Leseur National Park. As you immerse yourself in the rich culture of the region and get up close to the orangutans in their native habitats, you are sure to remember this as a family holiday to treasure.

7-day Magic of North Sumatra, from $1,550 per person

Visit three of our amazing eco-destinations within North Sumatra, and explore the wildlife, experience the local culture and immerse yourself in the beautiful environments of these unique destinations. You'll be jungle trekking, exploring cave systems, camping in the jungle overnight and chasing waterfalls. This is a true family adventure. 

If you'd like help booking your next family adventure, contact us for more details and/or call today +61 408 360 890  

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