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Published: 08-May-2016

Written by: Raw Wildlife Encounters

Days For Girls (DFG) is a non-profit organisation which makes and distributes kits of washable pads to women in 3rd world countries, aiming to ensure all women everywhere have access to means of hygiene and in turn regular education. RAW Angels, Vicki Gabriel and Renee Pluckhanh are the Team Leaders for DFG Mt Gambier chapter, and along with founding members Chelsea Gabriel and Geraldine Pluckhahn are setting strong goals to make a difference to the lives of many girls in North Sumatra. 



Throughout the month of June 2016, Renee  spent several weeks in North Sumatra, delivering 25 - Days For Girls kits in total. 

Here's a little of her story so far...

I spent a week in the village of Batu Mbelin, just out of Medan. Initially we went door to door with the help of a local woman to explain DFG and what the program is about, inviting them to attend a group meeting the following day and to distribute the initial packs. We had a huge turn out from all the women in the village and delivered 15 DFG kits to school aged girls as a starting point. The group showed much interest in the program and what the packs were about. A lot of time was spent explaining how to use, clean and take care of them and a strong interest was expressed for further distribution in the future. The women also expressed that they would like to learn English language in the village in the future.

The following day myself and a key local person from Batu Mbelin visited a primary school in the village, along with the closest high school approximately 15 minutes away by motorbike. We spoke with the teaching group at the primary school about their current curriculum, regarding English classes and the prospect of a future visit from staff at SOCP’s quarantine centre. Staff expressed an interest in a visit from the staff at quarantine and we explained it would be good for the children to learn and be aware of what happens at quarantine as it is in the same village. Teachers also expressed they really want to have the capacity to teach English on a more regular basis and asked whether I could come back in the future to assist with this. 

We met with the principal at the high school and he spoke about the English classes already underway but said that they need assistance around educating the teenage girls about pregnancy as they tend to have many accidents and in turn young women drop out of school to get married and cannot complete and education. We spoke to a class full of some of the girls within the school, explaining the DFG kits, how they work, how to care for them and answering any questions from the students, who also expressed an interest in the kits in the future.

Later in the month of June 2016, I delivered a second lot of kits to 9 girls in the village of Tangkahan, North Sumatra. In order to do so, I spoke with the English teachers from the Tangkahan English Club (TEC), whom I have prior relationships with and they contacted a number of teenage girls in the village, some of which attend TEC on a regular basis. TEC was used as a place for delivery and the girls were given an explanation and demonstration on how to use, wash and care for their kits, along with having questions answered. They were all very excited and weren’t shy throughout the process of delivery, largely due to previous encounters with myself and the teachers here. It was also encouraged that they speak with their mums about their kits as it will help them to care for them and may also gain some interest from another cohort of women within the village.

After Days For Girl's recent distribution of 25 kits in North Sumatra, I am back in Australia and working hard. Each kit contains washable pads essentially, that help to aid in women's hygiene and prevent girls from missing school. 

We are fundraising, recruiting helpers, cutting, washing, sewing and more sewing. Our aim is to make 100 kits by December to be distributed in North Sumatra in January 2016, but we need your help!

1 kits costs approx. $25.00 to make and we really need help to purchase the materials so we can get things happening.

If you'd like to help us out you can call Spotlight, Mt Gambier on 87247688 to make a donation over the phone or alternatively drop in to the store. All you need to do is quote layby: 0077040006781!

If you have any questions or would like to know more, feel free to contact us via email: or visit our Facebook page.
Every girl, Everywhere, Period.

Renee Pluckhanh & Vicki Gabriel

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