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Published: 09-Feb-2020

Written by: Amy Robbins

Conservation is at the heart of Auckland Zoo who work tirelessly to bring people together to build a future for wildlife.

Established by zookeepers in 2000, the AZCF has to date, raised well over $4 million for conservation projects in NZ and overseas.
Auckland Zoo’s Wild Work includes projects they support in the field which includes a number of conservation programs in Sumatra – Sumatran Orangutan Conservation Programme, Wild Cats Conservation Alliance and Sumatran Ranger Project. Every year Auckland Zoo invests hundreds of thousands of dollars into Wild Work projects such as these, contributing to the conservation of wildlife and wild places. The AZCF is funded entirely by visitor admissions and donations.
Raw Wildlife Encounters has partnered with Auckland Zoo to provide a once in a lifetime opportunity to experience Sumatra and support the work of the conservation fund. Raw’s Auckland Zoo eco-adventures take you on an epic bucket list adventure over nine days, venturing into the heart of North Sumatra, witnessing conservation in action and directly contributing to the support of these projects. The proceeds from these adventures goes back to Auckland Zoo Conservation Fund, to help them continue to support these critical conservation initiatives.


Guests also directly support the forest edge communities they visit, who are working to protect the globally important Leuser Ecosystem where our guests venture into. Throughout the adventure are carefully interwoven conservation messages and inspiring stories of conservation success, supported with fun and life-changing experiences with local people and the environment.

YES! This  9-day adventure that truly has it all. You’ll follow Auckland Zoo primates team leader Amy Robbins, or carnivores team leader Lauren Booth, as they take you off the beaten track.  ALL these eco adventures have sold out for 2020! But make sure you book for 2021

Every one of us has the power to make a difference and we are overwhelmed by the positive action our guests are taking just by participating in this once in a lifetime experience. 

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