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Published: 04-Nov-2017

Written by: Raw Wildlife Encounters

Batu Rongring is our latest eco-tourism destination in North Sumatra, Indonesia. For the past 5 months, our very own CEO Jess Mckelson, has been working closely with this local community to protect and develop a sustainable livelihood (rather than illegal logging and poaching), by developing this into the latest ecotourism destination which is a definite BUCKETLIST adventure!

"The wildlife is amazing. The culture is so RAW and you really feel special, as you discover the beauty of the Karonese people. The rainforest is breathtaking, with so many hidden gems to explore. But my favourite location is our Rimba Lestari Ecolodge." says Jess McKelson. "This gives you the tranquility, peace, wildlife and rainforest environment for you, to enjoy your private getaway."

Feel at home, and away from your busy lifestyle in our latest destination Batu Rongring. Only 3 1/2hrs drive from Medan, you'll discover your new paradise. Don't forget to try the local cuisine and bring a camera, even though the photos will do no justice….

Chasing Hidden Waterfalls 

Trek to the waterfall and enjoy a delicious picnic lunch. On the way, you'll pass through sun bear habitat, and you'll see the fresh claw marks on trees where the bears (beruang madu) have passed by mere hours before. You'll then exit this incredible rainforest, into a beautiful river canyon which will bring you back to the lodge. This breathtaking forest is like stepping into a magical fairytale jungle, where there is fungi growing everywhere, the trees are draped in rattan vines and you are transported to an entirely different world.

Visit the Kapas Hutan Tree

This tree has a circumference of 27.9m and is really one tree that will make you go "WOW!". You'll become an automatic tree hugger. What's even more special is as you make your way to pay homage to this grand old tree, you'll traverse the beautiful rivers and listen to gibbons, birds and primates in the distance.


Cave Exploration

Even if you think you don't like caves, you'll still love the diversity of the caves in Batu Rongring. There are over 25 caves in the region, but only three are open for tourists. These caves are available for those who want an adventure and don't feel claustrophobic! Although Jess is claustrophobic, she can comfortably explore these caves. At times you'll see pythons, small micro-bats and swallows. The limestone ecosystem is extremely unique and on the rainforest hike to the caves you'll have the opportunity to witness primates such as orangutans, gibbons, pig tail macaques and the majestic rhino hornbill birds!

Explore Musim River

Take yourself away and wander up the Musim river. This gorgeous river changes hues from crystal clear blue to jade green depending on the weather and rainfall. Every day it presents a stunning new landscape for your eyes to drink in. Bordered by the towering rainforest which is dripping with vines, this river really is a special place that will clear your mind of worry. You'll walk, swim and have time out to sit and spot wildlife in the forest border.

Night Spotlighting

Be brave and take a night walk to discover the wildlife that only comes out after sunset. You'll walk through the palm oil plantations, where leopard cats and civet cats are frequently found. If you are an amphibian and reptile enthusiast, then you'll find pythons, frogs and other unique species on your night walk.


Click here to join our next tour Earth 4 Orangutan tour into Batu Rongring. If you'd like us to custom a tour specifically for you needs, please click here.


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