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Lingga Village to Tangkahan

On our way we stop at the Lingga village, a small Karo village with a strong link to Karo culture. Here some of the people still live in the traditional Karo houses, many of which are being restored

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Meet the CRU Tangkahan Elephants!

These elephants are refugees of a shrinking habitat. As their homes are converted to farmland or large scale plantations Sumatran elephants are increasingly brought into contact with humans. This human elephant conflict often results in the poisoning of elephants and in an effort to avoid these conflicts, the elephants are caught and relocated to government run elephant training centres.

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Scouting for New and Unique Travel Destinations - Samosir Island

Samosir Island in Indonesia is known locally as the island within an island. It is around the same size as Singapore, but this is the only thing the two islands have in common. Dotted with the distinctive upsweeping roof ridges and colourful decorations of the traditional Batak houses, the island is a mixture of steep inland forest, rice paddies and laid back tourist centres, where visitors can relax with a drink overlooking the intense beauty of a deep volcanic lake.

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How to be waste wise on your travels and at home!

A word or two on being waste wise on your travels and at home. It is so important that we all understand the impact that our individual actions can have on the on the beaches and oceans locally, as well as globally

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How to search for Palm Oil on labels

Are you trying to figure out if a product contains Palm Oil? Do you want a quick way to tell if a product contains Palm Oil? Here's a quick guide.

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The Beauty of Travelling

I had thought I knew what to expect. As the plane descended through the towering cumulus, I glimpsed the city below. It appeared through patches in the cloud, grey and dusty, red bricks, dirty roads and windowless buildings.

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Our commitments

To save a species, save the ecosystem. To save Sumatran Orangutans, protect Indonesia"s forests. This is the philosophy to which Raw Wildlife Encounters (RWE) prescribes. The not-so-secret formula for saving a species from extinction is ensuring its habitat remains diverse, healthy, and safe

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Who Travels with Raw Wildlife Encounters?

Here's the Results of Our Guest Survey. We've gathered information via our online survey from guests of Raw Wildlife Encounters (RWE), asking what they enjoyed most about their adventure holiday with us. Their detailed responses have blown us away and will help us when planning RWE's exciting future travel adventures.

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Eco tourism does its bit to help save the Sumatran Orang-utan

The Sumatran Orang-utan is critically endangered. In 2004, between 4000 and 6000 lived in the wild in Sumatra, down to less than 14% of its population 60 years ago. Efforts to prevent the extinction of the "man of the forest" is a race against time for conservationists

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Travel Accommodation. What are your priorities?

What do you look for when you book accommodation? Does budget impact your choice? Or location? Star ratings? Value for money? What about ecological sustainability? Is this important to you? Or is it simply an added bonus to discover the place you booked qualified for Eco Certification?

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Welcome to Raw Wildlife Encounters

When I visited Indonesia’s orang-utans ten years ago, it was a major turning point in my life. I knew that there was much work to be done in conserving natural habitats if we were to return and enjoy what took us there in the first place. Witnessing so much destruction first-hand and watching how much influence other countries and international companies were having on Indonesia were real sticking points for me.

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Four reasons why a Sumatran adventure should be on your bucket list

When most people think about a trip to Indonesia, Bali is the first (and often only) destination that comes to mind. In fact, a high number of travellers don’t even know that Bali is merely an island in the greater region of Indonesia, and not a country in itself!

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Mobile Phone

​I dated a guy who primary business was conducted from his phone. He never put it down! At first I was ok with this and accepted this was him, until we took our first overseas holiday together and then I realised how he just never ‘turns off’as a human species and how addicted and out of control this behaviour had become.

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