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Motivational Quote -Travel

I see my path, but I don't know where it leads. Not knowing where I'm going is what inspires me to travel. Rosalia de Castro

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Jane Goodall Tour 2016

EARLY BIRD SPECIAL: Jane Goodall Institute Tour ‪Uganda - is a very rewarding and enriching experience. This 15-day tour, will immerse you in places rich in conservation and culture. Your chance to experience some of these amazing highlights:

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Wild Jungle Safari Tour Update

My journey began May 2013, as a Wild Jungle Safari guest with my sister, Maggie. We were so affected by Tangkahan, and its community that we knew we would return, someday soon! June 2015 saw me taking my first tour group as the Leader, on the very same trip, I first visited Sumatra on. That was my sixth journey back to Tangkahan, and each time I've fallen more in love with the place.

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Five Things To See and Do In Borneo Malaysia

Check out our TOP 5 Things To See and Do In Borneo Malaysia

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August News Update

Over the past few months I have been so busy with work, I'd forgotten about essential time out. I've been making excuses to work, and didn't make time to stop, reflect and breathe. Sound familiar?

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Earth 4 Orangutans August Tour 2016 Review

I’ve left another piece of myself in Sumatra. Having just recently returned from three weeks in this amazing country, I’m still experiencing post-Sumatra come down! I led a group of seven fantastic people on my third Earth 4 Orangutans fundraising tour with Raw Wildlife Encounters.

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Barb's 2016 Borneo Tour

​Last month, Barbara (our gorgeous Travel Specialist) jumped in, and took over our newsletter with updates on where our ‪RawTravellers have been exploring.

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North Sumatran Adventure Break

​Thinking of having a break before the end of 2015? We've got two spots left on this amazing 10-day North Sumatran Adventure leaving in October.

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Secrets of Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka has it all – world class national parks, endless wildlife, UNESCO World Heritage Sites, amazing countryside, white sand beaches and welcoming locals.

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July Newsletter Update

​It's Barb here, your RAW Booking Officer. Thought I would jump in and take over from Jess, and let you know about the exciting two months we've been having. June and July saw us sending off large number of RAW travellers who were embarking on their first ever adventure to North Sumatra.

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Motivational Quote - Travel

To move, to breathe, to fly, to float...
To travel is to live.
Hans Christain Andersen

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ATAS Accreditation

RAW WILDLIFE ENCOUNTERS has just received ATAS accreditation. This is great news for our customers and we'd like to take a brief moment to explain why.
The AFTA Travel Accreditation Scheme (ATAS) is a brand new accreditation scheme for the Australian travel industry.

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My Uganda - A Raw Traveller's Story

The Jane Goodall Institute Tour appealed to me for many reasons, one main reason was the raising of funds for Dr. Jane Goodall Uganda work. The other reasons included...

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Five Reasons to Travel With Your Kids

Kids love adventure, and heading off on one of Raw Wildlife Encounters tours is a perfect introduction in helping your kids explore a whole new world. Here are five reasons to begin now:

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2015 Raw Wildlife Encounters Brochure

Eco travel specialist, Raw Wildlife Encounters, had released it 2015 tour brochure featuring itineraries covering Africa, Borneo (Malaysia), Cambodia, Indonesia and Sri Lanka.

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Items to Pack for Volunteer Travelling in Cambodia

Following on from an earlier article on what to pack for a jungle trek, here are some further ideas for what to pack when volunteer travelling in Cambodia. If you're like me - I tend to always pack too much, although I am getting better!

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School Holiday Specials

With school holidays around the corner, we would like to offer you three fabulous adventures that we just know your kids will love!

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3 Reasons to Volunteer Travel

When I first decided to volunteer travel, I wasn't sure what to expect or how it would all work out. Now that I took the chance, I can’t recommend this type of travelling enough. Here are my top 3 reasons to give it a go with Raw Wildlife Encounters, volunteer travel program...

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Cambodia - Why We Tour There

It's funny, I can still remember the awe inspiring journey I took into Cambodia. Seeing incredible rice fields that sprawled across the land into the horizon, and the bamboo hats which the local people wore, bobbing away as they were harvesting rice still stay with me.

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My Tangkahan Trekking Experience

My favorite moments when trekking in Tangkahan were actually before we even started walking each day! It was when I first woke up; the mist floating across the canopy gives the forest a magical appearance, and, I was lucky, in the first light, to hear the uniquely haunting sounds of pairs of gibbons singing across the forest, and the (slightly terrifying) cackling of Thomas’ Langurs as they jump from tree-to-tree. It was in these instants I realized how special the day ahead of me would be!

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