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Wildlife Tour Leader - Carly Day

As someone who fell in love with Sumatra at my very first visit in 2009, I can never get enough of this place, and have visited as often as possible (6 times) since then. Recently, I’ve been lucky enough to take a few months off work and have been making my way around Indonesia, and have seen some of the most incredible places imaginable!

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The Danum Valley – A Wonder of Nature

Every day I have the memories of my recent trip to Borneo flooding back. It’s very difficult to adjust to life in the city again, as these types of trips can completely disconnect you from daily life at home. You get the opportunity to connect with nature, other travellers and for some it can be a life changing experience.

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New Trip: Tiger Patrolling Batu Katak

If you're a conservation traveller who would like to participate in real life field patrols, camera trapping and help conserve and protect the Sumatran Tiger ... well Raw Wildlife Encounters (RAW) and Stay Wild have joined forces to offer you an exclusive Tiger Patrol Adventure that you won't find anywhere else!

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Travel is a Wonderful Gift

This trip had a lot of meaning behind it to both Craig and I, a few weeks of planning, many phone calls and months of waiting for it to arrive...

We celebrated my 30th, seeing each other for the first time in just over four months, due to Craig ‘s work commitments, in new countries, new cultures and plenty of ticks off my bucket list. All of our favourite things

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Wildlife Tour Leader - Vanessa Rowe

Leading the tours is a very rewarding experience for me. I love to see each guests’ perception/opinion change throughout the tour with each life-changing experience. Everyone goes home with a different view of the world, and determined to make some change in their life to assist Sumatra and its wildlife, which is fantastic.

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What's the Secrets of Sri Lanka?

You ask what’s the secret of Sri Lanka? It’s the flavourful foods packed with spices that will feed your soul (and you leave consistently over indulging). It’s the cultural diversity and history. But most of all it is the beautiful people with warm and welcoming smiles that love nothing more than a good chat and to show off their country.

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Beyond Bali - A Family's Adventure to North Sumatra

There's a place in Indonesia, that offers so much more than Bintang singlets, and rowdy tourists. It offers wildlife, nature and wonderful family memories, and it's called North Sumatra. Heading off on our wild family adventure with Raw Wildlife Encounters, we didn't know what was ahead for us as we landed in Medan, but excitement was in overdrive for mum, dad and two adventurous girls aged 8 & 10.

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Wildlife Tour Leader - Amy Robbins

I love sharing what I know about Sumatra and it’s wildlife with my RAW guests. They already have a fascination or connection to nature and conservation so to take them to the heart of it all where these animals they’ve admired from afar actually live is incredible.

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Travel with Love This Valentine's Day

Do something unique and adventurous for your Valentine this year.

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5 Reasons to Put Brunei on Your Travel List

Brunei is a tiny nation on the island of Borneo, surrounded by Malaysia and the South China Sea. It's known for its beaches and rainforest, rich in exotic flora and fauna, Brunei is a paradise for nature lovers and for nature tourism in general.

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Challenge on Nature Photography

Last week, I was challenged to a week of taking nature photography. These are my photos - I hope you enjoy them.

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Taste of Mongolia

​Bucket List or TICK IT OFF TODAY and visit in 2016?
Mongolia 'the last frontier' - a place of pristine natural wildlife!

Our 10-day "Taste of Mongolia Tour" concentrates on the historical riches of Mongolia, which are delightfully set against a backdrop of awesome natural splendor.

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Your Top 5 Bucket List Activities in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is one of those countries, that you just don't want to miss out on seeing. It's a travellers must do! Here are my top five reasons to visit.

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November News Update

I'm back here in Sumatra, after a few months of being away, and it's nice to be back. Coming back to SOCP and the quarantine station and working with our 55 orangutans is going to keep me busy. I think most of you know by know that I not only run RAW, but I also work as the Quarantine Director for SOCP.

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A Global Warrior's RAW Travel Story

It is now over three months since I returned to Adelaide from my 7 day Raw Wildlife Encounter Tour to North Sumatra. And today I sit in a little place called Alva in Far North Queensland, and put pen to paper to finally share my experience with you all.

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RAW Donates to Help Extinguish Indonesian Fires

Raw Wildlife Encounters has sent $5,000 in fire support to Kalimantan, to help with fire fighting efforts in Sungai Wain, East Kalimantan.

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Earth4Orangutan With Lauren Booth

I could not, however, stop the excitement that I felt knowing in just a few days my feet would be on the same soil, that tigers prowl and breathing the same air that orangutans swing through, these being some of the most iconic yet critically endangered species on the planet.

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Media Release: Save The Sumatran Orangutans

With less than 6,600 Orangutans in the wild within North Sumatra, Raw Wildlife Encounters leads fundraising tours that directly contribute to the conservation of the survival of the Sumatran orangutans. In 2015, these tours raised over $100,000 for Earth 4 Orangutan (E4O) programs.

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Sri Lanka Wildlife Adventure

Sri Lanka - 15 days of enjoying close encounters of the wild kind! From leopard safaris, to elephant migrations, to camping in the wilderness, to beautiful beaches, you will lose your heart in this beautiful country.

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Raw Travellers Afternoon Tea

A huge thank you to our Melbourne Raw Travellers‬. We had a great afternoon tea, where Jessica McKelson Director RWE, spoke about the last 12 months in tours and conservation efforts.

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