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Travel Deals: Last Minute Travel Special With Jess McKelson In North Sumatra

This small group adventure has been developed to take you on an intimate tour through some of North Sumatra’s most beautiful regions, visiting local villages and their environments. Receive 10% off RRP when you book before October 1st, 2016

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Media Release: Jessica McKelson Keynote Speaker at Indecon and WWF Indonesian National Conference

CEO, Jess McKelson from Raw Wildlife Encounters (RAW) has been invited to give the Keynote Presentation at the annual Indecon (National Eco-Tourism Body of Indonesia) & WWF Indonesia conference in September. Raw Wildlife Encounters innovative eco-tourism model used within North Sumatra, Indonesia has been leading the way in providing positive alternative income streams by working with local communities via eco-tourism to provide alternative avenues of incomes rather than the past of damaging their national resources and wildlife.

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Travel Deals: Save 5 per cent off our Classic Sri Lanka Tour

This 10-Day Sri Lankan Adventure is now 5% off per person for bookings before 30th Sept, 2016. An intimate journey through Sri Lanka where you witness the beauty of ancient kingdoms, incredible wildlife and landscapes.

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Wildlife Tour Leader - Lauren Booth

The Earth 4 Orangutans tours is an amazing way to connect people with wildlife, while helping them to understand some of the wider issues species such as orangutans are facing. These tours do it in a way that also empowers guests to feel hopeful and powerful in being able to be a part of the solution.

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Ten Tips For Jungle Trekking In Sumatra

Since the dawn of time, mankind has known there are major health benefits to spending time in the great outdoors. Now more than ever, in this age of constant “busy-ness”: smartphones, tablets, traffic, and constant stimulation, it is super important to get away from all the chaos and experience the healing power of mother nature.

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Travel Deals: Last Minute Travel Special To North Sumatra

​LAST MINUTE TRAVEL SPECIAL: Receive 5% off this 10 Day Tour leaving on October 3rd, 2016 in celebration of Orangutan Day!

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Happy World Orangutan Day

Today we celebrate how special the Orangutan is, one of our closest living relatives, on World Orangutan Day. Did you know they share 97% DNA with us and are the problem solvers of the Ape world? Orangutans are fascinating primates, and over 15 years ago I made the career decision to dedicate my life to conserving these beautiful animals from extinction.

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Orangutans - Once In A Lifetime

As we were setting up the hammocks, I just happened to go for a small walk down to the ridge and as I look up (automatic instinct when you work with orangutans), I was greeted with a beautiful wild female Sumatran orangutan.

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Days for Girls Mount Gambier

​Days For Girls (DFG) is a non-profit organisation which makes and distributes kits of washable pads to women in 3rd world countries, aiming to ensure all women everywhere have access to means of hygiene and in turn regular education.

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The Tiger Connection

Before I became a zookeeper, I had a love for tigers! Then after working with Sumatran Tigers for many years at Hamilton Zoo, I became interested in Sumatra as a country and Sumatran tiger conservation.

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Travel Deals: Early Bird Special for Jane Goodall Institute Tour Uganda

EARLY BIRD SPECIAL: Take $300 off the price for this 17-Day Life-enriching journey exploring conservation and cultural values. Valid until AUGUST 31ST 2016.
The Jane Goodall institute of Australia has great pleasure in partnering with RAW Africa Ecotours to offer you a life-enriching travel experience in Uganda.

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Media Release: Raw Wildlife Encounters Announces CEO Jess McKelson Will Led New October Tour

Today, Raw Wildlife Encounters (RAW) announces that Jess McKelson, CEO will be leading her first tour in almost 4 years, with this fundraising tour aiming to raise $3,000 for our conservation partners. This 7-day Sumatran Wildlife Fundraising Adventure, departing in October, takes RAW guests on an intimate tour through some of North Sumatra’s (Indonesia) most beautiful regions, visiting local villages and their environments.

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Batu Katak – Hidden Jewel of Sumatra

Batu Katak is a small village with about 250 inhabitants which is nestled alongside the Berkail River in North Sumatra. Although only an hour from Bukit Lawang, one of the biggest tourist attractions in Sumatra, Batu Katak is virtually un-heard of. To all but a handful of lucky people, this place is an undiscovered jewel waiting to be explored.

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Travel Deals: Save 5 per cent Off One of Our Most Popular Sumatran Tours

This 7-Day Adventure is now 5% off per person for bookings before July 31st. Don't miss out on witnessing the stunning Thomas Leaf Monkey with its distinctive Mohawk, which is unique to the forests of Gunung Leseur National Park.

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Snow Monkeys Japan – The Year of the Monkey 2016

After a long train journey, my friend Sharon and I finally arrived in this small town named Nagano, to find we couldn't just get on a bus and visit the snow monkey. Disappointment crept over me, as I felt my heart sink. The only reason I wanted to go to Nagano was to witness this beautiful primate of Japan, and it seemed it wasn't going to be as easy as we thought, with our tight schedule.

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Travel Deals: Save 15 per cent for Family Vacation Exploring Borneo

This tour is perfect for families, who want to have a little adventure in their holiday. Book before June 30th to receive this seven day Borneo adventure travel deal of 15% off for families of four, or 10% for individual travelers

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Connecting With Nature

​Connecting with wildlife is one of the most pure and raw experiences anyone can feel.

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Local Guide - Frogstone Darwin

The forest is very important to the future, forest gives good oxygen, clean water, place for animal, place to grow new tree every time. Forest is life for future.

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Travelling With Wildlife Leaders

Through our signature tours, our wildlife leaders lead the way in providing you with specific information relating to the endangered wildlife you encounter. The reason for this, is that when they're not leading tours for us, they're back working their 'day job' as ZooKeepers. We feel privileged to have their expertise and experiences on our tours, and your feedback also lets us know how much you value their knowledge.

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Komodo National Park – A Quick Guide to the Top Spots

This month I spent the most magical three days of my life in what has to be one of the most spectacular places on the planet: Komodo National Park. Most famed as the only place in the world to find the legendary Komodo Dragon (the largest lizard in existence today), there is so much more to this unique place.

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