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Family Friendly Adventure

No matter what age you are, travel can be life changing, eye opening, exciting, and engaging. As a family, it can bring you together like nothing else, and inspire passion and a sense of wonderment.

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Days For Girls Sumatran Kit Distribution

​In January 2017, the Mount Gambier SA AU Days for Girls team packed up 300 kits, made by their volunteers and headed to North Sumatra. We were travelling with Raw Wildlife Encounters (Raw), and contributing to the Priority Community Programs that run in conjunction with Raw. With a diverse team of eight, ranging in age from 19 years to 55+ and with our lone brave male Des in tow, we set off with a small degree of trepidation.

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International Women's Day - Who is My Hero?

Recently, I was interviewed for an article which appeared in the Herald Sun, in celebration of International Women's Day, 2017. One of the questions, that they asked me was, "Who is your Hero?", and I thought it would be nice to share with you my answer to this question, today, on International Women's Day.

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Why the Congo?

Do you remember reading about the “Mountains of the Moon” in National Geographic or the movie classic “African Queen” with Katherine Hepburn and Humphrey Bogart? That’s when I first learnt about the D R Congo ( formerly known as Zaire). I was absolutely fascinated and never imagined that one day I'd be taking groups of passionate wildlife lovers to this relatively unknown part of Africa.

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Your Personal Travel Concierge

SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: As you know, we've been a registered travel agency for the past 6+ years, and have been able to offer you assistance to book our RAW tours, as well as flights and insurance. As of today, we are able to offer you a FULL SERVICE! I'm so excited about this, as for the past few years I've had this idea of offering you the chance for RAW to become your one stop Travel Concierge.

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Come travel with me

This July, I'll be leading one of our main fundraising tours - our 7 day Sumatran Wildlife Fundraising Adventure, and would like to invite you to come and join me.

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Top 5 Wildlife Encounters

I want to share with you my personal top five wildlife encounters, that are now lifetime memories for me. Starting from number one being my MOST favorite.

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February News Update - Mountain Gorilla of the Congo

Our latest African tour, takes you to the The Democratic Republic of Congo which is home to the largest populations of Mountain Gorillas in Africa. The Virunga Foundation is spearheading the protection and tourism development of this incredible part of Congo, and supports the work of over 520 local wildlife rangers.

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Tiger Patrol Adventure

The highlight for me was finding fresh tiger scratching marks on the ground! The guides said they were very fresh and they decided we should stop early for lunch, to give the tiger time to move off ahead of us.

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Finalist - Australian Indonesia Awards

The Australia Indonesia Awards recognise and honour those individuals who have made a significant contribution to the greater understanding and friendship between Australians and Indonesians. We are pleased to announce that Jessica McKelson is a finalist in the Tourism/Travel Category of the 2017 Awards.

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Romantic Adventure Getaway

Pack your suitcase and sneak off for a romantic adventure getaway this Valentine's Day.

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How to be a responsible traveller when it comes to ethical animal tourism

Even with increasing public awareness of the issues surrounding the use of animals in tourism, the internet is still inundated with photos of people cuddling tigers or having selfies with orangutans.

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How to Conquer Fears Through Travelling

If you step out of your comfort zone every single day (or as often as possible), your comfort zone becomes so huge that there’s very, very little that scares you. By conquering fears (even small ones) every day, you start to realise that even though fear exists, it’s actually irrelevant to what you actually choose to do with your life.

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Give the gift of memories

Looking for something different to give this Christmas? Why not give a gift that allows you and your loved ones to travel with purpose and make a difference to lives of the locals you visit.

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Media Release: ​Palm oil labelling is imperative to save the critically endangered orangutans

Unsustainable palm oil is one of the worst industries driving wildlife and natural environments along with local culture and traditions to extinction. Raw Wildlife Encounters is thrilled to see this change be put on the agenda and hopes that a yes will be given, which will give consumers informed and educated choices about what they are purchasing.

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Join me on a wildlife fundraising adventure

This is why I adore being a RAW wildlife leader, and why I want you to join me on tour in 2017. So many RAW guests have described their experiences as truly life-changing, and I want you to come on that journey with me. There is so much to learn during your trip, and I love being able to share the knowledge I have from my time here with guests, and watch and learn as our incredible local guides also share their wisdom.

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Travel Deals: November 2016

We have some amazing travel deals for the month of November. Your chance to visit Sumatra, Uganda or Sri Lanka using one of our travel discounts. Whether you're a solo traveller, small group or family, there is something for everyone.

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RAW Grassroot Community and Conservation Update 2016

Raw Wildlife Encounters is proud to announce the support it has provided and enabled for various conservation and community programs, throughout 2016. We have been able to achieve this by selling eco-tours and requesting our guests to provide ‘in-kind’ donated support.

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Conservation: The Rangers of Tangkahan

We set up The Rangers of Tangkahan, a programme to ultimately provide an ongoing income for these inspiring men who have a passion for the forest and are so incredible and deft within it, they are almost a part of it. Their dream is to be paid for this work, the forest is where they belong and where they shine and I am so very proud to be able to help them achieve their vision.

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Western Mongolia: Altai Tavan Bogd National Park – In the shadow of Tavan Bogd

Gers (or yurts) are traditional nomad dwellings in Mongolia. Round in shape, they consist of a wooden framework and a felt and canvas exterior. In Mongolia, it is common for nomad families to pack up and move home (literally, as gers are easily dismantled and transported) two or three times a year, in search of grassland for their livestock.

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