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“Our trip to Sumatra was absolutely the best travel experience we have ever had!”

We have traveled extensively, but our trip to Sumatra was absolutely the best travel experience we have ever had. Yes, Sumatra has unbelievable scenery (volcanos, mountains, jungles, and beaches), amazing wildlife (gibbons, Thomas leaf monkeys, orangutans, elephants, geckos, snakes, etc.), fantastic flora (orchids, canna lilies, caladium, hibiscus, and so on), but it is the people that were the most unforgettable.

“Seeing the orangutans in the wild...”

It's very hard to pinpoint just one highlight as there were so many! I would have to say seeing the orangutans that had been successfully reintroduced into the rainforest with their babies.

“The best holiday I have ever taken”

Overall this was the best holiday I have ever taken (and I travel heaps!!) I had the opportunity to experience so many things that I never thought I would and to also meet amazing and motivating people both within the tour group and in Sumatra. It was on a personal level, a life changing experience and I really proved to myself that I can pretty much do anything!! From diving off rocks into the river,and hiking with the guides through the jungle – it was amazing!! I can’t wait to go back!!!

“We all had such a great time”

Just wanted to drop you a quick note to let you know our Tangkahan/Bukit Lawang holiday was fantastic. We all had such a great time - we have done a lot of travelling around the world and this was truly one of the best experiences we have had. The jungle, the environment, the activities and the people were superb.

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