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“Words cannot describe my life-changing experience..”

I don't really have any words to describe the last couple of weeks... it was life changing. I found some of the happiest times I've ever known with these wonderful people and animals in their jungle home :-)
– Anonymous, July 2015
Tour: North Sumatran Exploration

“The most eye-opening & worthwhile trip I have ever been on!”

This was the most eye-opening and worthwhile trip that I have been on. Seeing the wildlife and the jungle was incredible. What really made the trip for me though was the guides. They were so knowledgeable and passionate about what they do, and it was amazing seeing the work that is being done by SOCP and the Tangkahan Effect. It was an incredible adventure which photos and words can't capture, and I can't wait to return.

“Fullfilling, memorable and rewarding.”

The opportunity to find orang-utans in their natural environment, interact with elephants, spend time with local villagers and especially to experience all this with my grandchildren, was fulfilling, memorable and rewarding. The attention to detail, the friendliness, respect and enthusiasm displayed by all at RAW Wildlife Encounters ensured that this was so. Thank you.
– Eric Campbell, June 2015
Tour: 5 Day Elephant & Orangutan Escapade

“_New Testimonial”

“_New Testimonial”

“A life changing experience”

Thanks so much to the guys at Raw Wildlife Encounters. Our trip to Nth Sumatra to see the Orangutans was a life changing experience. It was the best holiday we have had by far. The organisation of the whole trip from Director, Jessica McKelson, to our wonderful tour guides, Kristin and Jon, couldn't have been planned any better. We were looked after so well. Our sincere thanks.
– Lydia, Mick, Elyse and Caitlyn Profenna
Tour: Custom 6 day Adventure

“A life-changing experience for me”

My RAW Wildlife tour in Indonesia was a life-changing experience for me - meeting the amazing people who work so hard for change and encountering the animals that inspire us all. I will definitely come back to RAW for my next adventure!
– Heather Browning
Tour: Wild Jungle Safari

“An amazing experience unlike any other holiday”

The North Sumatra Elephant Odyssey Adventure is an amazing experience unlike any other holiday. It provides a great variety of activities – tubing down the river, bathing orphan elephants, traditional cooking and medicine, visits to villages and local markets, jungle walks, the opportunity to see orangutans and other animals in the wild.
– Elisabeth Jackson
Tour: Elephant Odyssey Adventure

“Going into the jungle and seeing the orangutans in the wild was amazing”

I had a special moment when I was sitting quietly on our porch at Linnea Cottage and had a monkey walk right past me

“I loved my entire time”

I can't say I have just one highlight as I loved my entire time with the RAW team. From the experiences in the jungle to the people we met I really feel like I came home with a new goal.... to assist in any way I can!
– Sarah Donald
Tour: Wild Jungle Safari

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